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A Warm Welcome

Awarm Welcome

And we wish you all a really wet and happy new year. Welcome to the year 2559! No, you’re not reading this on April 1st, All Fool’s Day. But you will be coming face-to-face with the Thai New Year which begins on the 13th of April, according to the Buddhist calendar. Wet? Sure, but we’re not talking about rain!


The original Thai greeting on this occasion was a symbolic sprinkle of water, to cleanse away the cobwebs of the old year. But this has now turned into the world’s biggest water fight, with nobody, not even policemen on motorbikes, being spared a thorough soaking. We’re lucky on Samui however, in other tourist areas this can go on for five days! Here we get just the one. And, in one of the hottest months of this year, this is not only a welcome relief, but a huge amount of fun, too.


Many of you who have come here from Europe will be taking your Easter break, to get away from the usual gales and pouring rain. And what a contrast this will be, basking on the snowy-white sand under a sky full of little fluffy clouds. This year Easter Sunday falls on the 27th of March. Easter bunnies and Easter eggs are rarely seen in Thailand. But the top restaurants all feature the most mouth-watering chocolate desserts imaginable – it’s a chocoholic’s dream! So get with the flow, tune in to the island life, and indulge yourself!


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