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Great tunes and great food at KC Beach Club.


A fine Saturday afternoon is when you amble along Chaweng Beach, magnetically drawn towards funky music, and land at a swell pool party around stylishly built white villas. This happening place is the well-known, KC Beach Club, on Chaweng Beach Road. Listening to resident DJ Paolo Bardelli spinning tunes you’ve never heard before, is a treat to one’s ears. This Italian DJ is one to sway to. Call it deep house or new disco, the tunes will keep you grooving all afternoon.

        DJ Paolo started playing at KC in March 2013. If you miss him on a Saturday, you can always catch him on weekdays enjoying good groove and deep bass. But you will definitely find yourself visiting KC on Saturdays and weekdays.

        For his part, DJ Paolo revels in the aura of the beach club - the crowd and its energy. “When I find out the crowd’s back to listen to my set, it’s flattering and keeps me motivated.” says Paolo, who’s more than impressed with the quality of crowd that turns up at KC. But ask him if he enjoys ‘commercial’ music and he replies, “I prefer to use the word ‘pop’ to

‘commercial’. I don’t play pop music although I like artists like Madonna. Four out of five music producers today play commercial music for the purpose of sales. Often, people confuse a few well-known tracks with commercial music. For example, Madonna’s ‘The Return’ is a great track. She is a pop artist and her track is global. All pop music isn’t bad, after all. Moreover, the arrangement itself plays an important role in holding the listener’s attention.”

         Paolo isn’t afraid of playing unusual tracks. He experiments and sways his listeners through a refreshing breeze of groovy numbers. Being unique isn’t new to Paolo. This has been his style throughout 33 years of DJ-ing. It’s one of the main reasons DJ Paolo enjoys playing at KC Beach Club—there’s freedom to experiment with new tunes.

          Paolo has worked mainly in Europe, and relates to the music culture there. Yet surprisingly, he didn’t find it too hard to adjust his tunes to regale the crowd on Samui. Italy and Thailand have crowds grooving to similar tunes, and he’s glad the people on the island understand his work. He believes the vibrancy of the people is better on the island because of its diversity. At the same time, the diversity itself is quite challenging for a DJ. Although Paolo is flexible, he doesn’t compromise on his music. This seems to be KC’s policy too. They take pride in their ‘un-shazamable’ tunes!

          Despite working across Europe and in the United States, he doesn’t enjoy travelling so much and prefers living in one place, so that he can familiarise his tunes to the crowd. This way he remains true to himself and true to the place too. Some of Paolo’s achievements are playing for gay pride in Phuket in 2006, and at top events in Milan between 2001 and 2010. He also worked for two wellknown radio stations from 1986 to 1994.

          You’ll find a great range of high quality music from deep house to funk, electro funk and soul at KC Beach Club. You may even find yourself grooving to a twenty-year-old track, carefully curated by Paolo, befittingly going with the latest club music.

          At KC Beach Club, the music starts at midday, and winds down at 7:00 pm. They like to keep it mellow after seven for that romantic dining experience. Guests can have their moment of peace and savour their evenings free of loud music. Once a month they have special events from noon to midnight and beyond. Every event is a unique production featuring dancers, musicians and other artists.

          The themes of the parties range from ‘Rocky Horror Show’ to ‘The Great Beauty’ - people see a completely metamorphosed venue during these events - be it the clothes, makeup or, for that matter, the music. These productions are indeed special, and when the party ends, you may find it difficult to call it a day - or night.

          If you’re looking for music during the day in Chaweng, there aren’t many places like the 5-star KC Beach Club. Every Saturday, they have a pool party concept, a sundowner that goes on till 7:00 pm and their Sundays are more relaxed with chill lounge music.

          And with Neo restaurant taking care of your dining needs, the quality of the food, music and crowd blend and complement each other perfectly. Amongst other delights on the menu, they offer the best hamburgers in Chaweng. The juicy crab hamburgers will never disappoint you!

          Two visits are all it takes for Uri, the affable club manager to get to know you by name. He welcomes everyone with hugs, and his infectious spirit along with the forever willing-to-help staff, will keep you smiling through the day and into the evening. The hospitality at KC Beach Club is genial, it is disarming -- you’ll be out of your stranger coat in minutes.

          Couldn’t get more exciting than this, could it?


 Charisma Bharadwaj


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