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Coco Splash isn’t just for children.


With Samui temperatures reaching over 30 degrees for most of the year, it becomes a necessity to cool down regularly. How you choose to do that is the question. Is it taking regular dips in the sea? Is it hiding from the midday sun in an air-conditioned room? Perhaps taking a cold shower followed by an ice cold cocktail? Or perhaps spending a day in a water park where you can swim, slide, climb, swim, play golf, swim, jump, fly, swim, eat drink and swim - with the emphasis on swimming … and keeping cool.

        Coco Splash Adventure and Water Park is a 10,000 square metre plot of land filled with water slides, swimming pools, an inflatable castle, bungee trampolines, an air bag for exciting high jumps, go-karting, bumper boats (a great twist on traditional bumper cars), a tree-to-tree course and a restaurant and bar. It can be found signposted off the Lamai beachfront road, just before crossing the river. And don’t be fooled, while this park makes children’s eyes light up like it’s Christmas morning, it offers more than enough to thrill the adults too (and that’s not only the selection of frozen cocktails on offer).

        Open from 10:30 am until 5:30 pm daily, the park provides hours of entertainment for all ages, and has gone from strength to strength since opening its gates three years ago. Adding activities like the inflatable castle, bumper boats, the bungee trampolines, minigolf, go-karting and the tree-to-tree course, Coco Splash has changed from ‘merely’ a water park to a complete adventure playground.

         As well as the recent additions, there are four swimming pools (including a toddler pool and a volley ball pool) and a grand total of seven sliders (including the aptly named ‘Twister’ slider and the ‘Banana Slider’ with its long drop). There are various fountains, squirting water jets and a hanging bucket which intermittently empties its forever-filling contents onto unsuspecting swimmers. There is also a Jacuzzi that seats up to ten people - there is no need to overheat here.

          The bungee trampolines are as exciting for adults as they are for children, so don’t be afraid to join your children in the fun. You’ll be safely strapped into your harness so relax, bounce, somersault and have fun. The bumper boats are also for children and adults. Coming in ‘two person’ and ‘one person’ versions, you can bump or splash each other, or create family teams and have an all-out battle. Spray, push or shove each other and cool down in the process.

          What about the inflatable castle? That’s just for children, right? Guess again, this one has slides, areas to climb, and some other surprises. So no, this inflatable castle is most definitely not just for children.

          The air bag jump is popular and allows you to jump from two heights. To jump from the lower level, you need to be at least 1.2 metres tall and to jump from the higher level, at least 1.3 metres. You can just jump, or you can spin, somersault, or practice your attempts at martial art kicks on the way down. But whatever you do, you’ll land safely in the gigantic air bag that you’ll see as soon as you enter the gates to the park.

          The three newest activities, the mini-golf, the go-kart and the tree-to-tree course, are the only things not included in the park’s entrance fee. But fear not, if you’ve already paid for entrance to the park, you’ll get a discounted rate for these activities.

          The go-kart course is just outside the water park, and one ride lasts for eight minutes, but you’re welcome to purchase as many rides as you want. There are two types of kart: the adult ones are larger and gasoline driven and safe for anyone over the age of eight. For those younger than eight (but older than three), there are smaller electric karts.

          There are also two tree-to-tree courses. Level 1 is for three to eight year olds, and level 2 is for eight years old and above. If you’ve not seen a tree-to-tree course before, it’s an exciting elevated obstacle course set up between trees, and here it’s between the coconut trees close to the car park. After being strapped into your harness (which will always be connected to a safety line), you will have to balance, walk, swing, jump or climb your way from tree to tree. Ropes, nets, ramps and rods all add an extra challenging element. Lastly if you have enough energy, you can have a round of mini-golf, battling it out with friends, family or your children.

          Finally, after a wonderful day in the sun, keeping cool and having fun, it’s time to relax. Head to the restaurant and bar, and replenish your energy levels. A selection of substantial paninis, sandwiches, burgers, Thai dishes and smaller finger foods are available. Or choose from their drinks menu throughout the day. Fresh fruit shakes, ice cream shakes, soft drinks, tea, coffee and chocolate drinks. And for the adults who’ve worked hard all day, reward comes in the form of an ice cold beer or cocktail, a Kool-Mix frozen cocktail or simply a glass of wine.

          There is ample parking on site, as well as lockers available to store your belongings. In the restaurant areas, there are more than enough bamboo salas in which to relax while deciding which part of the park you’re going to tackle next. The park also has activity supervisors who provide support, and safety instruction on each and every activity. So why not treat your children, or get in touch with your inner child and spend the day just having some fun!


 Colleen Setchell


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