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State-of-the-art property surveillance with B Smart.

State-of-the-art property surveillance with B Smart.‘Prevention is better than the cure’ is an adage that doesn’t just apply to health but to house and home – especially when it comes to break-ins. Though Samui is no hot bed of crime, it always pays to be alert. Thankfully, being on the lookout doesn’t need to be taken literally in this modern age. Watchful eyes can be everywhere, doing the job for you digitally, and a lot more efficiently. On Samui this kind of surveillance often falls to B Smart. It’s the brainchild of Khun Napaporn Nopsuwan, more commonly known as Khun Bee. He has seen his client base grow steadily over the years thanks to his reputation as an expert in all things surveillance.


You’ll find Khun Bee’s headquarters on the ring-road in Maenam, as you head towards Nathon. Step inside his offices and you’ll see all kinds of systems including CCTV, fire alarms, access control, lighting control, home automation, wireless networks and integrated security networks. B Smart has worked with all kinds of properties from small villas to 5-star hotels, as well as stores, medical facilities and even factories.


Khun Bee and his team are known for their efficiency and total commitment to providing peace of mind to customers. If you have any concerns about your current level of home/business security, Khun Bee is the ideal person to talk to. He listens intently, and will ask you plenty of questions. Thanks to his many years of experience, he’ll recommend a solution that’s tailor-made to your needs.


If you aren’t up to date with modern surveillance (and not many people are), one of the first things to know is that the quality of CCTV footage is now extremely sharp, and you’ll be able to spot the difference between your gardener and a suspicious character. The second thing to realize, and this is very important for people living part-time on Samui,State-of-the-art property surveillance with B Smart. is that you can access all the footage on your smartphone. Wherever you are in the world, you can see what’s happening at home. Hopefully, nothing’s happening. The fact that there are security cameras in operation is often enough to deter most burglars and trespassers. If by chance something is happening, then motion-sensitive technology will pick it up and send an alert to your phone. Then you can check out what’s going on. The next step you’ll already have worked out with Khun Bee. Depending on what you’ve decided with him, you could remotely turn on all the lights in your house and garden, or even switch on powerful speakers inside the house and actually speak to your burglar. One extremely effective solution is for your house to be connected to the police station. So when the cameras detect movement, they trigger an alarm at the police station. The police there then access the camera and look for themselves. They can ring you to check. And they can also be there within ten minutes.


Surveillance has become surprisingly efficient, and as so much of it is purely electronic, it tends to be the province of experts – there’s always some fresh new development. B Smart keeps abreast of developments and can recommend whatever’s going to work best. Surveillance is now a lot cheaper than it used to be too. CCTV cameras used to belong to a privileged world, but now there are millions of cameras the world over, and the price tag for security has gone down and down. It’s no longer a rich person’s game.


B Smart guarantees total quality and innovation. They specialize in BOSCH, Fujiko, Kenpro and other well-known systems. Speed of installation can also be very important, and B Smart can have a system ready and running within 24 hours in most cases. Everything can be personalized to suit your wishes. In addition, you can control not just your alarms and surveillance, but also the temperature, lighting and ambience of your property.


B Smart also monitors not just intruders but also other potential hazards; the company stocks Siemens fire alarms and detectors that search continually for changes in the environment that indicate the beginnings of a fire. If needed, B Smart can assist with fire warnings and emergency evacuation.


Thanks to B Smart, many homes, businesses and hotels all enjoy peace of mind when it comes to security. With round-the-clock surveillance, life’s relaxing when you can be assured that your property is truly protected.


Dimitri Waring


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