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Come and join the party at The Palms Bar & Grill for music and more.

Come and join the party at The Palms Bar & Grill for music and more.Enter an ever-evolving space offering live music, food and drink, plus a high-octane atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what night you decide to come here, it’s bound to be good. This is the world of The Palms Bar & Grill. Behind the innocuous-sounding name, is one of Samui’s foremost entertainment venues. Here the music isn’t just an after-thought; it’s the main reason for coming. It’ll definitely put a glow on your face.


The said glow starts when you’re outside Palms; an entire wall lights up with changing colours. You know you’ve arrived. It stands at the exact corner of Chaweng’s beach road and the restless Soi Green Mango. The epicentre of the island’s nightlife, in other words.


Some live music acts can get a bit samey, and you feel as you step in the door that the entire evening is guessable in advance. Palms is different. It offers vibrancy with different bands every night of the week. It opens every night from 6:00 pm until 3:00 am, and bands play nightly from 9:30 pm with DJs performing both before and afterwards. Saturday Night Live is a bit different; come for two top bands, the first starting at 8:00 pm, the second at 11:00 pm. On occasions throughout the year, there are also live international DJs playing.


As the evening gets going, the ground floor bar provides the perfect backdrop to let your hair down, with a mighty range of cold beers, fresh cocktails, and surprisingly over 70 top wines. The cocktails are both traditional and creative. Come and join the party at The Palms Bar & Grill for music  and more.Try the best-selling Pink Flamingo, Chocolate Martini or Palms’ Ice Tea. On a mezzanine floor there’s a pool table, while on the second floor there’s a shuffleboard, beer pong and big screen TV.


With so much happening, you’re bound to get hungry, and The Palms Bar & Grill certainly has you covered when it comes to food. They specialize in pub grub, but by that there’s no way that it’s the greasy, unpalatable kind that you’d only eat if desperate. This is the best of comfort food, using ingredients that are fresh from the market, along with some extremely tasty imports. It’s all cooked by expert chefs, and always more than just something to fill you up, the food at Palms is guaranteed to tempt your taste buds.


If your hunger’s on the intense side, opt for the Australian Tenderloin (250 g) or the Australian T-Bone steak (400 g). Meat dishes such as these come with chips and salad, plus half-a-dozen sauces. Burgers come in a delicious variety; combos, meanwhile, twin various mains – if you can’t decide between fish and meat, then a brilliant option is to order the Surf ‘N’ Turf, which packs a punch – think char-grilled tenderloin plus king prawns, and all fresh off the grill. A variety of meat pies also keep hunger away, while many guests crave the delicious spaghetti, pizzas and traditional fish and chips that Palms serves. You’ll also find an admirable Thai menu, Come and join the party at The Palms Bar & Grill for music and more.filled with favourites such as Palms’ Green Curry, Pad Thai and Massaman Curry, to name but a few.


So far so good. But Palms has a big surprise up its cavernous sleeves. Now, as you know, most restaurants – at least on Samui – encourage you to linger. The Palms Bar & Grill is no exception to that rule, but there’s one place, hidden inside, where you won’t want to spend too long. But it’s definitely the place to chill. Welcome to The Absolut Ice Bar, the very antidote to torrid tropical evenings. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by tingling sub-zero temperatures – anything between -7 °C and -13 °C. You’ll be offered an arctic-style parka, so you’ll look like a polar explorer and not get too cold. Inside warm up with a choice of 20 vodka shots, all served in shot glasses that are made, yes, you guessed it, of ice. It’s a fun experience and a great laugh. Sort of like a mini-visit to Svalbard, but without the chance of encountering bears.


If you’re looking for something a bit more private, head up to the VIP room, where the DJ booth and sofa beds are waiting to heat your night up. Palms also stages special events and parties, and most notably is one of the best places to hold hen and stag nights.


If you like your music served up in style, join the fun at The Palms Bar & Grill, where you can dance and party into the early hours, while treating yourself to great food and drink. Palms’ three floors are dedicated to entertainment, eating and drinking – everything that you’ll need for a great night out in Chaweng.


Dimitri Waring


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