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Unique treatments in splendorous surrounds at Anantara Spa Bophut.

Unique treatments in splendorous surrounds at Anantara Spa Bophut.Everybody can benefit from some sort of relaxation, even on the most magnificent and laid-back of holidays, and perhaps that’s why Samui boasts so many great spas. There are all kinds to choose from, so the choice can be a hard one. But imagine a stand-out sanctuary of bliss that looks like it’s stepped out of a film, replete with myths and architecture that ooze history. Such is Anantara Spa Bophut. It has such a unique charm and atmosphere that people just want to come back again and again. TripAdvisor lists it as one the highest-ranking hotel spas on Samui. It’s certainly the most dramatic-looking. You’ll find it at Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort.


The spa has a grandeur all of its own. And it all starts as you turn off the ring-road into the iconic resort. You actually drive across a wooden bridge that spans a moat. It’s complete with an enormous traditional arch that signals you’re leaving your usual world far, far behind. But no need to be shy – this is a place that welcomes everyone, including outside guests, of course.


The resort’s good looks are worthy enough to feature in coffee table books, but you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take awe-inspiring shots here. Just check out the resort’s Instagram account at Anantara Bophut, or see what others have posted under the hashtag with the same name – and you’ll get an idea of how different the spa and its surroundings are. Unique treatments in splendorous surrounds at Anantara Spa Bophut.Being there in real life is even better. Step through towering palatial walls into a paradise of placid water gardens, and a reception area that sits on a pond filled with lilies.


You’ll be warmly welcomed with a chilled pandanus tea while you browse the spa menu. Everything can be seen on the website, and you can book online, but you’ll want to talk things over with your spa receptionist – she will be keen to make recommendations for a treatment that will suit your needs and preferences.


Now you’ll be taken into a tropical, walled garden that has a line of immense doors that lead directly to the luxurious treatment rooms. You’ll probably want to pause here to take some photos, and then you’ll be led inside your private room. A gem of a changing room awaits, where you don a dressing gown; then there’s a rain shower in its own patio. All this before the treatment gets underway.


You’ll also find a pleasing variety of body treatments, such as body wraps, scrubs and facials. Men have their own section of treatments, and there are also beauty treatments available, too.


The Anantara Signature Massage combines both Eastern and Western massage practices to ensure maximum well-being. A signature oil blend is used which stimulates the circulation, allowing you to enter a state of deep relaxation. It’s 90 minutes of pure bliss. The Bespoke Spa Experience is a similar 90-minute treatment, but this time it’s designed specifically with you, Unique treatments in splendorous surrounds at Anantara Spa an individual, in mind. To this end, your mood and needs are taken into account by the spa therapist, who then puts together the perfect treatment – just for you.


The coconut is one of nature’s most versatile products, but can it be used in massage? The resounding answer, at least at this spa, is yes. And they don’t just mean as treatment oil. Opt for the Anantara Bophut Coconut Dream package and you’ll see just how amazing coconuts can be. It starts, as all treatments do, with a foot washing ritual. After that your therapist assists you to plant the soles of your feet on two halves of coconut. This massages the various pressure points in the feet, and even gives her an idea of where to concentrate the massage which comes soon after. Next there’s what’s called ‘coconut tapping’ where sticks of coconut wood are tapped along the limbs of your body, bringing stimulation. Then the massage starts. The strokes that are used are expert, and are a blend of both Thai and western traditions. When turning onto the back,Unique treatments in splendorous surrounds at Anantara Spa   Bophut. a special abdomen massage with warm coconut oil is performed, followed by coconut shells being rolled on the tummy – it’s a delightful and soothing sensation, with the massage continuing afterwards. Once the treatment is ended, you’ll be given a fresh coconut to drink, accompanied by coconut crisps.


If you have a little more time on your hands, you’ll enjoy the ‘spa journeys’ which are relaxing rituals that give you the time and space to simply unwind and let yourself enter a state of bliss. The ‘Journey of Siam’ for example consists of herb infused steam then a moisturizing coconut polish. This is followed by massage techniques that also involve stretching the body. It’s a great way to rejuvenate both body and mind. You can also opt for a one-day fitness programme which helps you let go of stress. It starts with either a Muay Thai or yoga session, followed by a herbal steam session then a Thai herbal compress massage. And to finish there’s a three-course spa cuisine meal along with a healthy, pure raw juice.


With so many different treatments awaiting you in an amazingly memorable setting, the Anantara Spa Bophut is highly recommended. Your day will be an entirely relaxed, and if you bring your camera you’ll be able to capture some remarkable visuals!


Dimitri Waring


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