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In a mood for the Mediterranean? Try The Cliff Bar & Grill.

In a mood for the Mediterranean? Try The Cliff Bar & Grill.Ten minutes south of Chaweng, The Cliff Bar & Grill offers diners the chance to enjoy great food in some of Samui’s most picturesque surroundings. It overlooks one of the favourite small beaches of Samui, Tong Takian Bay, which is framed by a beautiful headland and lush greenery. It is the ideal stage for a meal shared with a partner, friends or family.


Chic yet always convivial, The Cliff first opened its doors in 2004, to become one of the first sophisticated restaurants on the island. It quickly made a name for itself, yet it’s never dropped in the rankings, and 15 years on, it’s still enjoying huge success. When you step in through the front door, you’ll see a wall covered with accolades from prestigious institutes. For example, Wine Spectator magazine has consistently given The Cliff an award of excellence ‘for having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine lists in the world’. As you can imagine, to garner such praise calls for on-going professionalism of the most exacting kind. The restaurant is a lot more than its seaside-friendly look; this is the home of extraordinarily good food and drink.


When it comes to dining, local knowledge goes a long way in providing diner satisfaction, and the food also features many nods to the country’s environs. Vegetables are mostly organic and from Bangkok, whilst Samui’s tried-and-trusted local fleet provides fresh fish daily, allowing guests to savour dishes such as sea bass and calamari at their best. Simultaneously, knowledge of what’s going on internationally completes the dining concept here. Beef, for example, comes in from King Island, Australia,In a mood for the Mediterranean? Try The Cliff Bar & Grill. and rather than being frozen, it’s simply chilled, having first been aged for 21 days before flight.


When the restaurant was first set up, the owner and master chef, Bradley Munns, travelled extensively through Portugal, Spain and Italy to find the right combinations of herbs, spices, olive oils, as well as a clutch of fantastic recipes that have been favourites at The Cliff ever since. The Cliff and its team have therefore had years working with the best products, updating sources when necessary. That might seem a bit technical, but when you’re actually eating the food, you’ll feel you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean – the experience of being here is authentic to the core.


Guests love to sit out on the terrace (essential to book as it’s so coveted) but the roomy interior is also great. You can also eat in the bar itself, just adjacent. Grace notes abound at The Cliff; fresh bruschetta arrives with each meal, and staff also present you with the Wi-Fi connection and password once you’re seated – you don’t even need to ask. But this is definitely one restaurant where phones and the like should all be put aside,In a mood for the Mediterranean? Try The Cliff Bar & Grill. it’s the place to drink in the views and enjoy the ambience and of course, all that yummy food.


The menu starts with some excellent salads. Try the Salami & Sun-Dried Tomatoes, with imported Italian salami, Spanish onions and cherry tomatoes, topped with mignon black pepper. Or simply opt for the freshest tuna, seared and then served on a bed of mixed lettuce.


Then there are plenty of Portuguese delicacies. Opt for dishes such as Gamberoni al Limone E Aglio, herbed lemon prawns, a house favourite, or the Indian-influenced Gambas Com Caril – a selection of perfectlycooked curried prawns originating in Goa, a former colony of Portugal. The Cliff has some seafood platters that are bound to tempt: try the Jumbo Seafood Platter (it’s for two people) which consists of live Atlantic lobster, king scallops, New Zealand mussels, calamari, prawns, king crab legs and oysters Rockefeller served with Spanish rice, salad, and French fries.


The Cliff is no less exciting for meat-eaters. Grilled chicken of various types gets its own section of the menu. Try the Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken, which is the house speciality. It’s marinated in The Cliff’s special piri-piri sauce then grilled to perfection over charcoal.


There are also plenty of steaks, and you can choose between, for example, the delicious Australian T-Bone – 500g of pure yumminess – or if you have a smaller appetite, a 200g fillet. New Zealand lamb chops are also char-grilled favourites that many diners come here for. Steaks and chops all come served with button mushrooms and fondant potatoes. In addition, you’ll find six different sauces to accompany your selection.


To finish, the desserts are all highly recommended with tiramisu, cream caramel and chocolate brownie cake all being firm favourites here. If you really don’t have a sweet tooth, opt instead for the delectable cheese platter, served with crackers and mixed nuts.




Die-hard foodies will all agree The Cliff faithfully recreates the dishes that make the Mediterranean region so inspiring. The restaurant has a reputation for being a prime spot for a long, lazy and indulgent lunch or dinner. The friendly vibe and those amazing views just add to the overall excellence.


Dimitri Waring


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