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Let Away Spa at W Koh Samui take you to new levels of bliss.

Let Away Spa at W Koh Samui take you to new levels of bliss.Imagine a headland where two bays meet, secluded, dreamy and gently forested. A place where people come to get away from it all. This is the natural haven that is the location for the prestigious W Koh Samui and Away Spa.


Everybody who’s ever come here agrees that the location is one of the best on Samui. It’s an idyllic spot with brilliant sea views and a lush backdrop. It contains all the ingredients necessary for wonderful holidays. But even if you’re not staying or dining in the resort, it’s definitely worth taking time out to visit W’s Away Spa. If W Koh Samui is already a private world, then Away Spa is a world within that world. It’s deliciously private, and as such not so easy to find; staff will need to escort you otherwise you might even miss the entrance.


Away Spa is located just down from the resort’s atrium, and is in a suite of buildings all of its own. The spa is a key part of W Koh Samui Resort’s dedication to helping its guests relax and soak up the laid-back lifestyle for which Samui is so justly known. The spa’s one of those places that you come across in your travels that you always hope to return to again.


On entering you’re given a welcome drink and can take your time ordering from the spa menu. Away Spa offers a wide range choices and professional treatments, and you’ll be in the hands of very experienced professionals who use only the best natural ingredients.Let Away Spa at W Koh Samui take you to new levels of bliss. Here the spa therapists are called mixologists – but this is nothing to do with avantgarde inventors of cocktails. The name derives from the spa practitioners’ ability to combine various different massage styles, which they do seamlessly.


Samui Holiday was invited by Ms. Prisana Duangmanee, Spa & Energy Manager at Away Spa, to try a treatment that’s highly recommended.


It’s simply called Detox, and you can opt for either 60 or 90 minutes. It takes place in one of the immaculate and very private rooms in the spa, with gorgeous views overlooking the sea. Gently heated Blackmore mud is rubbed in stages into the body, immediately followed by cold waterlily balm. It pampers the skin and calms the muscles, especially if you’ve been doing a lot of sport, and is said to remove impurities from the body. It feels wonderful, all the more so as it’s all combined with a very expert massage.
 The treatment ends with a shower, followed by a further massage using moisturizer. The techniques used date back hundreds of years, and stimulate the energy lines and points along the body. Having a professional massage of this order is an experience to savour,Let Away Spa at W Koh Samui take you to new levels of bliss.and the only regret is that it has to eventually come to an end!


All the masseuses here are trained to be highly attentive to how their guests are feeling; they’ll ask about the pressure of the massage and how it feels; they are highly attuned to your state of mind, and that’s something you don’t find so often. After your treatment you’re taken to the spa’s Tonic Bar, where you can relax for as long as you like. You’ll be given the drink of the day, always something light and healthy. It’s a great way to keep the sense of relaxation going.


The spa menu covers everything. Choose from massages, Thai herbal scrubs and wraps and facials. If you’ve had too much sun, Away Spa has a special treatment to soothe skin. There are also a half dozen packages which last up to three hours and can include herbal hot press massages, hydration facials and, most decadently of all, a champagne bath with champagne scrub and massage. Away Spa also has a steam room and sauna room where you can try Asia’s first Thaimazcal® herbal sauna/steam experience, and enjoy an extraordinary thermal bath that helps to cleanse and purify the body. In addition, you’ll also find a beauty bar offering waxing, hair care, hair styling and manicure and pedicure. Away Spa at W Koh Samui is open every day from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.


Whether you’re on Samui as a holidaymaker or a resident, come and see what W Koh Samui is all about. Aside from its excellent food and drink, spend a few hours unwinding at Away Spa and you’ll see why this resort has an all-round hallmark of excellence.


Dimitri Waring


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