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Paul’s Fashion offers tailor-made clothing with a 100% guarantee.

Paul’s Fashion offers tailor-made clothing with a 100% guarantee.Buying bespoke clothing in a tropical country can and should be an engaging experience. One that you look back on with fondness, even if it’s not part of a traditional holiday in the sun. Samui beguiles with its many choices of tailor shops, but whether they’re on their first foray into having bespoke clothes or already are old hands, many holidaymakers simply head for Paul’s Fashion, situated in Chaweng.


Once you step inside Paul’s Fashion, you will not only be made to feel welcome, but you’re encouraged to take your time. After all, this isn’t about buying something, however good, off the rack. A tailor has to get to know your needs when it comes to clothing. The primary concerns focus on ‘what will the clothes be used for? Formal wear or casual? And for which seasons? The list isn’t long, but it’s an important one, and the answers help Paul Subedhi and his team provide you with the results that match your expectations.


Underpinning all of this – and giving all their customers peace of mind – is the extraordinary guarantee that Paul’s Fashion offers: they will not accept money for any finished product that a customer isn’t totally happy with. This means that the service, materials used, the design, the workmanship and the fit all have to meet their customers’ approval. The guarantee covers everything that you’ll find here, be it a formal suit, trousers, skirt or dress, winter wear and even the range of leather footwear that Paul’s also sells. If you check out what Paul’s Fashion customers say on TripAdvisor you’ll find an immensely long list of satisfied clients.


Paul explains how some clients know exactly what they want; some even bring him pictures of the clothes that they’d like him to make. Others aren’t quite sure but whatever your individual situation, he’ll be able to give you good advice. However, he will steer you away from any poor choices on your part. A good suit shouldn’t look stagey or extravagant.Paul’s Fashion offers tailor-made clothing with a 100% guarantee. Remember this sage piece of advice, given to Cary Grant by his father: “Let them see you and not the suit. That should be secondary.” Sound words, especially if this is your first foray into the world of fashion.


Once you’ve decided to go ahead, you’ll be measured up, and then later come for a fitting. Adjustments are made after that and then there will be a second fitting. Shortly afterwards, you’ll be able to come and pick up the finished clothes, trying them on a final time.


Finally, you leave the store in possession of a suit or clothing that is literally…tailor-made. This means that it is made of outstandingly good quality material, fits you perfectly and makes you feel extremely comfortable.
All of this usually takes three or four days from start to finish. But if you have left things to the last minute, everything can be completed within 24 hours.


As a veteran tailor Paul has been working on Samui since 2002. An early arrival here, he’s been in the business ever since, and decided to open his own store in 2005. It’s been in continuous operation since then. You’ll find it opposite McDonald’s on Chaweng Beach Road.Paul’s Fashion offers tailor-made clothing with a 100% guarantee. If you’re coming by car or bike, park for free just behind his shop or at Central Festival. But you might like to take advantage of the free round trip he offers from any hotel or villa on Samui.


Once you’re inside the store, bright bolts of cloth beckon. Colours vary between subtle and striking, while textures can be delicate or robust. Paul has a huge variety of different materials. Wool comes in variations not just of colour but thickness – just like paper does. Paul’s Fashion relies on fabrics that come via Bangkok and a reputable broker there, with the accent being on best quality materials at the best prices. No cheap substitutes are used, and this means that what you see in the store is 100% authentic. The upshot of this is that the clothes you buy are longer-lasting and look better.


With Paul’s Fashion winning the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for the last three years in a row: 2016, 2017 and 2018, you know that you’re in the most capable of hands. And with the clothing being surprisingly affordable, this is fashion that accessible to everyone. Just as an example of how good the prices are, you can have a suit made to your specifications starting at 6,000 baht while shirts start at 1,000 baht.


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