Samui Wining & Dining
A Warm Welcome


It’s always exciting to be holidaying on Samui, but perhaps January and February are the best times of all to be here. The weather is pleasantly hot and sunny, with generally little rain, and the new year is underway. It’s an upbeat time that segues into February, and the time of year for romance to come to the fore.


But you don’t need to be here on Valentine’s Day to have a good time. If you’re here with a loved one, then Samui is ideal, a place to come just anytime and celebrate – whatever the month, you’ll find plenty of special dinners for couples where you can dine in a decorated gazebo right on the beach. An experience like this is definitely one that’ll leave some fine memories.


Romance aside, there’s plenty to see and do on Samui – enough for more than a month of great times. And perhaps that’s why so many people come back year after year. Our magazine will give you ideas on how to spend time here, whether you’re here for a single day, a week or much, much longer.


Whether it’s food or drink you wish to indulge in, great parties, sports or just an indolent time around the pool sipping on that strawberry daiquiri, Samui will spoil you in a multitude of ways. Always a vibrant place, the island is synonymous with pleasure, with its topography of sandy beaches, bays and hidden jungly plateaus all conjuring up tropical-style beauty.


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