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There’s only one pharmacy chain on Samui that’s based totally on trust – Morya!

350Wherever you go, when you’re away from home, there are only two big worries. One is that you need to be secure if you have some sort of accident. You can’t do without that assurance – it’s vital to be covered. But the other one is actually more important on a day-to-day level. A pharmacy you can trust. And on Samui the name that comes to mind right away is Morya.


If you’re an experienced traveller, then you’ll know to take precautions. If you’re taking tablets or need medication, you’ll have a full set with you when you go. You’ll also have a good first-aid kit, especially if you’re on the move with a family. But what about all those unexpected things? A bee sting, a sudden cold sore, mosquito bites that swell up and stay that way, an itchy eye that gets more serious, a graze that gets infected – there are just so many times you need a reliable pharmacist.


And you’re quite right not to feel secure when you’re in a strange country. Most pharmacies in Thailand, for instance, don’t have specially-trained staff; essentially they are just like the staff in a supermarket, paid to serve you and put your money in the till. But when you take a close look at Morya, it’s a whole different story.


The concept of an organised chain of high-quality and interconnected pharmacies occurred to a Suratthani resident, back in 2001. Khun Kwanchai Patpaen, now the Executive Director of the Morya chain, anticipated the potential on the tourist island of Samui. He himself was fully qualified, with a degree in pharmaceutical science. And he insisted that his upper-level staff (who can be found in each of the now 27 branches across the island) had each undergone an intensive Doctor of Pharmacy degree program. They’re qualified in both biochemistry and organic chemistry.There’s only one pharmacy chain on Samui that’s based totally on trust – Morya! Plus they’ve had to study the law as it relates to medicine as well as pharmacy. And, needless to say, they all speak excellent English.


For a start, all branches of Morya will be able to replicate any prescription that you need. They’re connected to national and international suppliers, and will quickly find your medication. If you insist on known branding, fine. But, if you are OK with it, they can analyse your prescription and supply you with an identical alternative at a fraction of the cost. But now that Morya pharmacies have widened their horizons, they can offer so much more than just reliable prescriptions!


All of the Morya branches offer a range of healthy and natural ‘spa’ products, extending through from feel-good facial packs to herbal compresses and organic scrubs. This was mainly connected to cosmetics and pampering. But it was then a logical step to make the next connection: an entire range of health and herbal products – alternative medicines, combined with holistic and organic products and remedies.


The result of this is there are now two different-but-related Morya outlets. The Green Cross Morya (‘Green Health’) means ‘health and herbs’. In the regular Blue Cross Morya ones, you’ll find that it’s all centred on pharmacy plus health-and-well-being products,
There’s only one pharmacy chain on Samui that’s based totally on trust – Morya! plus a few shelves of herbal remedies. (But in the Green Cross Moryas, however, it’s the other way around!)


All the branches are networked together. And that means that if you need something a bit more specific or specialised (a duplicate of your home prescription, a pair of crutches or a walking stick, a wheelchair or even an adjustable hospital bed) then a visit to any Morya branch will sort you out. If you are in the Chaweng area (where the Morya HQ is situated) then it’ll be with you in an hour or so, and in other parts of the island, the following day.


One thing about Morya is that it’s constantly progressing and keeping up to date; not only have they opened three new branches since the start of this year but they have now introduced another concept entirely – Youreka. This is a combination of spa, beauty and skin-care products,cosmetics, fragrances, baby and child products, toiletries, suncare, insect repellents and more, all attractively presented and packaged, and knitted-into a large and open area with nibbles, and all sorts of healthy dried fruits and snacks – perfect for souvenirs (as well as being useful) and you’ll find them at The Wharf in Fisherman’s Village, as well as in Central Festival Mall.


There’s no two ways about it, you can take pot luck or you can rely on Morya. And with branches all over the island, you’ll have utter peace of mind.


Rob De Wet


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