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Health Republic transforms you with detox, weight loss and wellness.

Health Republic transforms you with detox, weight loss and wellness.Samui is more than just a place to kick back and soak up the sun. Some people consider it an island with healing properties. Holidaymakers are coming here not just for a vacation, but to give their health and wellness a big boost, and then take back home all the knowledge that they’ve acquired in their time here. Health Republic is Samui’s newest wellness centre, and is fast becoming one of the leading resorts for detox, weight loss and wellness. It achieves its aims – your aims – by providing programs that are nurturing as well as effective. At the start of your visit, you will have a consultation, and throughout your stay you’ll be given advice by professionals on how to change your habits, so that when you return home, you’ll still be continuing your journey to wellness.


Health Republic is a purpose-built facility with a wide open beach front setting on Lamai beach. Combining both a massive lawn and sea views that are relaxing just in themselves, guests are free to wander along the beach, chill out in the restaurant or the café area and linger in the cabanas on the terrace. You can enjoy complete privacy, but whenever you want, there’s community on hand, enabling you to balance alone time and time spent with others.


At the heart of Health Republic are the holistically-driven programmes for detox and weight loss. These can be residential or not, but if you stay in residence it’s probably easier and more practical to get the maximum benefits. The most popular programme is nine days long, and delivers great results, leaving you cleansed, and lighter in body and mind. There are other wellness and detox programmes of various lengths, including a one-day introductory program. Some include light healthy food options, while others include no solid food, just detox drinks and broths. Whichever option you choose,Health Republic transforms you with detox, weight loss and wellness. it is sure to help you on your path to feeling better and living a healthier lifestyle.


All the programs feature benefits such as detoxing the skin in a herbal steam room, yoga in a thatched open-air pavilion and group meditation. For those doing detox, they offer colemas which are a colon cleanse and help with the detoxification process. They are more thorough than an enema, but less intense than standard colonic irrigation and are self-administered. Health Republic staff are on hand to give advice and instruction.


When it comes time to eat, you’ll also find the new Health Republic Café menu which offers a selection of delicious dishes. Examples include a quinoa and roast vegetable dish, delicious vegetable soups and salads, and more vegetarian and vegan options. Naturally, if you have food sensitivities, special dietary considerations or allergies, the staff can handle these. Juices too don’t come any better than at Health Republic Raw Juice Bar;
 cold-pressed fruits and vegetables from local sources give you plenty of healthy – and tasty – options.


Many people come to Health Republic to simply be pampered – and why not? Spas on Samui have a cachet for excellence, and offer satisfying massages and packages that are designed to leave you in a state of total relaxation. Health Republic naturally has its own spa, the Health Republic Asian Fusion Spa and, resident or not, you can drop in for a massage or steam, Health Republic transforms you with detox, weight loss and wellness.and enjoy a variety of treatments. The spa is a delicious oasis within an oasis, and allows for total seclusion. The treatments meld traditional Asian and Western styles with an inventive, new age approach to spa therapy. Massages include Swedish, traditional Thai and various blends of different styles. You’ll also find treatments involving Ayurvedic practices, aromatherapy and reflexology. Try, for example, the famed hot stone ritual that uses stones formed of volcanic rock to create a unique and luxurious experience. How does it work? The stones transfer thermal energy deep into the muscles to promote the repair of damaged muscle and ligament tissue. The warmed stones are placed on the chakras eliminating negative energy flow.


With treatments that range from one hour to three, there’s a wide choice of possibilities, all of which will allow you to come away feeling relaxed and ready to face the world again. For a real treat, try the Pamper day program. Meditation and yoga, massage, steam and healthy food followed by a full body pamper of manicure, pedicure and facial, ending up with cocktails and canapes at the Beach Republic bar with its stunning ocean view. A perfect way to unwind on holiday.>


A lot of people go on wellness programs and benefit from them, but sadly there’s a lack of knowledge about what to do afterwards. Health Republic isn’t like that; instead it offers advice and help that will stand you in good stead; with the right tools, people are able to look forward to healthier living.


Health Republic shows how it’s possible to make lasting changes and end up with a fitter, healthier body and mind. The clean, comfortable setting and helpful staff make it a cinch to find that new you.


Dimitri Waring


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