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Jungle highs at Samui Tree Bridge Coffee and Tours.

Jungle highs at Samui Tree Bridge Coffee and Tours.Zip-lines, sling bridges, tree platforms, great coffee, an amazing waterfall and fantastic views all the way across the Gulf of Siam to Koh Phangan. Situated high up in the naturally green, energy emitting, tropical tree-clad, mountainous interior of Samui, this is a ‘must do’ trip whilst on Samui.


Here, you really get a sense of being involved in the jungle. You are totally surrounded by the mountains and trees, as you are both under and over the canopy. The main café seating area is a platform built around a giant tree trunk, shaded by the canopy above, and accessed by a sling bridge from the mountainside. Looking at the bridge, you wonder if it will sway and move when you walk on it, but as soon as you set foot on it, any fears are immediately banished. It’s attached with thick steel safety cables and feels extremely solid and stable. A lot of research, engineering knowledge and know-how have gone into the design of the wooden structures and cabling, ensuring total safety. Twenty metres above the ground below, 200 metres above sea level, and surrounded by mountain peaks, it’s a truly majestic and breath-taking location to experience. And, the coffee is really great!          

Tan Rua Waterfall is a 100 -200 metre walk from the café along a wellmarked path, with a series of falls and pools. Take a stroll and find a spot to relax, take your time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the rushing water and the gentle buzz and rhythm of nature.


From the coffee shop, you can see steel cables strung between trees and platforms. There are eight of these zip-lines covering a total distance of over 1,200 metres. The longest zip-lines are 300 and 400 metres in length, and 60 and 80 metres in height, respectively. These two zip-lines use double cables for double safety.
 You wear a safety harness that the guides will fit to your size, and ensure you are wearing correctly, as well as a helmet. All safety equipment is Petzl branded from France, the best quality available. One guide goes ahead of you to test the line and catch you when you arrive, and another follows,Jungle highs at Samui Tree Bridge Coffee and Tours. ensuring you reach the end post safely. The guides are really helpful and friendly, they obviously love their job!


There are three packages available, inclusive of full insurance. Choose the shortest zip-lines, the longest, or all of them. It’s a totally thrilling and enthralling experience to whiz along amongst the trees, suspended high above the ground. You will definitely be emitting a few ‘woo hoo’s’ or ‘yeeha’s’, with a huge smile on your face! It makes for a great photo, which the guides will send electronically to you, free of charge.


Anyone can zip-line as long as you are in good health, a minimum of 130 cm tall and 10-years old. Children between 100 and 130 cm can go only if accompanied by a member of staff. Any other children with you will be supervised by staff at the coffee shop if the rest of your group want to enjoy the zip-lining jungle thrill.


The café serves really great coffee, but also offers soft drinks, fruit juices and shakes, iced teas, Italian soda’s, beers and snacks. It’s a great place to cool off, enjoy the jungle views across the mountains and sea, and enjoy the majestic green and breezy forested heights. You can even organise a private party up here, as long as you organise your own catering.


It’s easy to find. From Maenam, take Soi 5 from the ring road, and follow the signs to X-treme Zipline, Waterfall and Tree Bridge Coffee. It’s a fully paved road through coconut groves with resident water buffalos, but it does get quite narrow and steep, with twists and turns towards the top. Take care on the bends - it’s good practice to sound your horn as you navigate the corners. The car park is the end of the road, and from here it’s a 30-second walk up a dirt track. Go past the old coffee shop and you have arrived. If you don’t fancy the drive, contact them to collect you from the lower area for 100 baht return.


Zip and fly through the effervescent jungle, sip your coffee or cool drink, high under the tree canopy. Head off for a stroll around the mountainside and take a splash in the waterfalls. It’s truly a magical experience, a real jungle high, aloft in the mighty and enchanting forests of Samui.


Karan Ladd


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