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Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic can help in all kinds of cases – and it’s very affordable.

Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic can help in all kinds of cases – and it’s very affordable.Samui is just the place you need when it comes to stretching out on a hammock or spending a languid day by the pool. With its beaches and bars and constant summer feel it’s not the kind of destination you’d immediately associate with state-of-the-art dentistry. And yet, for a growing number of people, Samui really is on the map as the place to improve their smile. Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic offers its patients an extraordinarily wide range of treatments, all of which can be combined with that getaway holiday.


Situated at Bangkok Hospital Samui on the ring-road, south of Chaweng, the dental department is housed in a contemporary suite of treatment rooms overseen by Dr Supaporn Metheethakerng, DDS. A graduate of prestigious Chulalongkorn University, who later trained on the mainland, she has now been at Bangkok Hospital Samui since 2009. She and her team offer superlative treatments that cover an astounding range of dental problems. Whether it’s just a question of fillings or something a lot more complicated, Dr Supaporn and her staff will almost certainly be able to help.


A crucial member of any dental office is a periodontist, and she’s fortunate in having one who is extremely talented; Dr Boonsang Ngamasirimas. He holds an MS in Periodontology, gained while studying in the United Kingdom. He usually works in Bangkok, but flies down every week – and also in emergencies – to look after patients here on Samui. You’ll find him at the dental unit on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.


He is an expert in solving problems for people who have what’s commonly called a gummy smile – a surfeit of gum which spoils the smile to say the least. He is able to perform a crown lengthening procedure which effectively corrects the appearance of the mouth and therefore the smile. He also operates Samui’s first laser treatments for this. The procedures can be used to expose more of the teeth, Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic can help in all kinds of cases – and it’s very affordable.or produce an even gum line. He can also perform osseous re-contouring, and the team can even put back in place teeth that have been knocked out. (Don’t attempt to clean the teeth, however, but bring them to the clinic, preferably in a box of milk.)


As a specialist he also deals with periodontitis and other cases where it’s the gums themselves that are causing problems. Many of these treatments are so costly back at home that the would-be patients can only dread the bill for the work; here in Thailand, it’s all super affordable.


Many patients make initial contact with Dr Supaporn and Dr Boonsang via email, and both are adept at handling enquiries and sorting out possible treatments even before any physical examination has taken place. Appointments can then be scheduled around holidays and visits to Samui. It’d be hard to think of anything more convenient.


A few cases can be so complicated that they can’t be handled on the island, and in these cases the patient is asked to go to Bangkok, to the parent hospital, where the fullest range of treatment is available. But in all but the tiny minority of cases, this isn’t necessary.Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic can help in all kinds of cases – and it’s very affordable.


For example, even if a patient has been involved in a very bad accident he or she may need an operation (say, to fix a broken jaw) and this can be done at the hospital’s operating theatre on Samui before the dental team get to work.


The office team has an orthodontist, prosthodontist and endodontist as well as a children’s specialist. On-hand interpreters can come to the office within minutes to translate Chinese, Russian, French, Italian and German to Thai, and naturally all the staff speak English.


You may be wondering now what you can have done during a holiday here on Samui. If you’re only here for a day or so, you’ll be able to do a check-up, teeth cleaning and whitening, as well as having routine fillings done. Crowns, bridges, veneers and implants all need more than one appointment, of course. The longest treatments are for implants, as it can take up to six months to allow the tooth to heal before the work can be completed.


The clinic has an excellent reputation, and you can sit back and relax. Each year, a million visitors came to Thailand just for surgery or some kind of treatment. These medical tourists, as they’re known, are taking benefit of the cheaper prices that the country offers along with the very professional teams that work in the hospitals and surgeries here. Dentistry has become a popular reason for coming to Thailand and to Samui. Bangkok Samui Dental Clinic is definitely a professional choice when it comes to sorting out dental problems of all kinds, and better still, recovery time can be spent on some of South-East Asia’s best beaches.


Dimitri Waring


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