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The New Nordic Group’s performance and reputation offers investment and ownership opportunities that are very hard to beat.

The New Nordic Group’s performance and reputation offers investment and ownership opportunities that are very hard to beat.We all want the same things. Firstly, the guaranteed success of our investment. Second, a comfortable return in the foreseeable future. And the icing on the cake; realistic and affordable payment terms if possible. And this is the reason that the New Nordic Group is not only so successful, but continues to grow and expand – they established all these credentials more than a decade ago.


For a long time, the whole idea of property investment on Samui was a very cloudy sky indeed. Some projects succeeded, others failed. Some were even downright fraudulent. It got so the only reliable measure was to carefully examine the history of a developer’s previous projects before you even looked to see what they were offering, and even that wasn’t always totally failsafe.


But the story in Pattaya is different. It was up and running as an international community long before Samui even had an airport. And with Pattaya being a built-up city, the demand for apartments and condominiums was part of the fabric of the place right from the start. This was where New Nordic began. But the group went about this in a different way from most. They began building communities: developments with a ‘village’ atmosphere, with restaurants bars, shops, a fitness centre or gym with a sauna or spa. And in the years that followed, the thinking behind the huge (and hugely successful) 50-building project at Pratamnak Hill, on the edge of Pattaya has spread further afield.


Today the group has its headquarters in Hong Kong, and employs over 1,000 people, with developments now in Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali and the Philippines . . . plus Koh Samui. The first project, close to the beach in the centre of Lamai, the ‘New Nordic Koh Samui Lamai Hotel and Resort’, is now almost sold-out – in fact the project was keenly anticipated, the demand was immediate, and 35% of the units here were sold in the first three months.The New Nordic Group’s performance and reputation offers investment and ownership opportunities that are very hard to beat. The next phase is now well under way, and here there is something a little different; they are building a ‘palace’! But more of this in just a moment.


The Senior Sales Manager for the group is Jan Nuijten. And he’s got some very positive observations on the way things work if you hook up with New Nordic. “We make it an affordable proposition to begin with,” he told me. “There’s a nominal deposit of 50,000 baht to reserve your apartment, then a payment of 35% of the price when you sign a contract. And then at each stage of the building, the foundations, the shell, the roof, you pay a further percentage.”


“But we give a unique cast-iron guarantee with this,” Jan continued. “The New Nordic Group is offering a special incentive for those who pay in full right away. When the clients pay the full price of the apartment, we will offer them a return of 10% of the purchase price immediately, paid monthly (for all projects in Thailand, and quarterly for all other projects) until the construction is finished.


But that’s only one part of the total deal. When complete, the New Nordic Group will undertake to manage your apartment if you are operating this as an initial investment (which many people do for the first 15 years, before taking over the property later so that they can retire to live in it). Not only will New Nordic give you that 10% per year for 15 years, but there are no hidden extras for management, maintenance, repair and refurbishment. (Although there’s a small annual maintenance fee which is split 50-50 between you and the company). It is New Nordic that pays you every month, so it really doesn’t matter if your apartment is occupied or not – that’s not your responsibility or worry.


“And there’s another thing,” Jan Nuijten continued. “We’ve discovered that different nationalities are attracted by different types of development. And that’s why we are now working on our next phase, a development in Lamai (close to the first one) that has a ‘palace’ theme, with baronial suites and a themed restaurant together with wine cellars and underground caves. We have two similar to this in Pattaya and they’ve proved hugely popular.”


The Samui headquarters and sales office of New Nordic are in Lamai, right next to ‘The Round Bars’ and their New Nordic Hotel and Resort. There is full information for you there, including presentations of existing projects and, in particular all the information on their upcoming developments on Samui. Plus they also have a substantial web presence - details below.


 Rob De Wet


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