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Discover new ideas and inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living.

Discover new ideas and inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living.The output of Loft by Oriental Living seems to know no bounds. There’s an enormous and satisfying range of art and design, all of which look good in the homes and villas found on Samui and its surrounding region. Step in, browse – you’ll find inspiration. Located on the ring-road opposite Big C in Chaweng, Loft by Oriental Living is unmissable. Even from outside, you get the idea that it’s more about art, appreciation and inspiration than a commercial store could ever be. To really get the feel, you need to go there for yourself.


It’s a very welcoming kind of place, and there’s no sense at all that anyone is trying to make a sale. It’s more like stepping into an art gallery, but not a normal one; you’ll be offered coffee, for a start. There are sales staff here, but they seem more like art curators. Heading the team here is Khun Alex W. Raksai, a keen aesthete. He’s able to answer any questions you may have, and like most of the staff here, he speaks very good English. He has done much to make Loft by Oriental Living what it is today; he travels across South-East Asia to find items that delight the senses, and makes sure that everything is brilliantly presented.


The showroom (or should we say gallery instead?) is a unique collection that features both traditional and contemporary designs and artefacts for today’s interiors. Nothing here is massed produced; these are creative, nurtured products, often totally made by hand. That’s incidentally one more reason why guests return here again and again; the stock varies and when individual pieces are sold, then they’re replaced by something that’s different. At the time of writing, bold eye-catching paintings feature on the walls. These are portraits, vibrant with colour, part-composed of solid contour lines, as found on maps, but which are used here to underline the shadows of a face. Other paintings are more whimsical, a dog in a top-hat for example, painted not on canvas but on the leaves of a German translation of a Russian novel.


Meanwhile, a yellow Pegasus unfurls his wings close by the entrance – he’s all frame-work, a modern sculpture but look closer and you’ll see he’s made entirely of bicycle parts. There are the more traditional items, too – a wooden boat references Indonesian colourings and design, while an ornate doorway suggests a maharajah’s home.Discover new ideas and inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living. Ceramics abound: pots, vases and dishes aplenty, all with colours and textures that draw in the eye. As you can see, all this is not exactly the bland please-all style that’s so prevalent in much of the island’s accommodation.


But there’s more still. Furniture that’s decidedly good-looking yet always practical. Beds that call out to be laid on (you’re encouraged to do just that, by the way), and dining tables that range from unique takes on the traditional as well as the purely contemporary. If you’re looking for teakstyle hard woods or the blonder woods of Scandinavia, you’ll find them here.


Whether you’re looking to furnish a modest-size home or are seeking a turn-key interior design scheme for an entire resort or villa development, then Loft by Oriental Living offers expert solutions to suit a very wide range of clients.


Loft by Oriental Living came into being thanks to Michael Dietvorst, who is the founder of Oriental Living, a go-to store for everything interior design related. It has a long and remarkable list of clients who’ve been faithful customers for years, as well as a further branch in Phuket.


Oriental Living and Loft by Oriental Living offer a bespoke service that they can be justly proud of. Both offer design services thanks to their two in-house designers, Khun Sirapassorn Kongsang, who is based on Samui, and Khun Nirut Tanchoo over in Phuket.


The team can literally craft a living space – all they really need is to have the time to talk with you about it, and get to know you’re needs and wishes. They can work to deadlines and are able to keep within your budget. If you have a brand new project – a blank space,Discover new ideas and inspiration at Loft by Oriental Living. so to speak – they can inspire you to create a beautiful yet practical habitat. Or maybe you have a space, already filled, that needs revamping or a makeover? This also lies in their field of expertise. It’s a very customerbased procedure, with the team installing everything themselves; they don’t outsource delivery but prefer that the responsibility rests in their own hands. That leads to more customer satisfaction. Alex and his team also give advice on how to protect and maintain purchases. In addition, everything comes with a warranty, meaning there’s great peace of mind.


Loft by Oriental Living showcases a splendid array of items that ooze flair and originality. And from December 15th 2017 to January 12th 2018, it will be staging a photographic exhibition by Adrian Rawle. The store is open from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays and from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays. See it for yourself and become inspired – when it comes to the world of interiors, it’s like taking the scenic route, rather than the more usual approach.


 Dimitri Waring


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