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Psylo’s full spectrum of clothing offers a fresh take on urban wear.

Psylo’s full spectrum of clothing offers a fresh take on urban wear.As a clothing store, Psylo steps right away from the predictability of mainstream fashion, and has succeeded in doing something pleasingly different. Using a palette of mostly earth colours, clothing is designed with a heady mix of different, often mythical, patterns and motifs, along with the occasional retro touch and more than a nod to south-east Asian influences. It’s clothing to be worn every day, but above all it’s imbued with a chic, laid-back vibe, and is suitable for just about any kind of occasion, anywhere.


One of the main challenges Psylo has faced, is to find durable materials that will stand the test of time. Never restricting or uncomfortable, the designs are carefully crafted, and new ones appear every season. Unlike much of the clothing you’ll see in stores on Samui, the focus isn’t year round on lightweight, summery materials – Psylo follow the seasons in the west, and the clothing is in sync with that; if it’s winter in Europe and North America then you’ll find winter clothing in the store here.


You might think that this style of clothing is only bought by young people, but Psylo turns out to be popular with all ages, young and old. Complementing the clothes, Psylo rolls out a pleasing array of belts, bags, wristbands and footwear, including an impressive range of boots.


Psylo also produce fashion for children. Kids enjoy wearing clothes that are individualistic and quite different to what they’re used to. In addition, the clothing is wear-and-tear proof, looks good and gets a thumbs-up from the wearers as well as the parents.


Psylo is located on Chaweng Beach Road, just north of Central Festival, and is open daily from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm, and the store has just been totally refurbished and enlarged. There are also other Psylo stores located in London, Bali and Mexico.


The clothes themselves are produced in Bali, from Psylo’s own factory, which is run by local Balinese staff. Psylo, incidentally, believes in fair, regulated and above board working conditions – it’s a place where employees are happy to work. The company is also into environmental concerns: wherever possible natural fabrics are chosen, including cottons and some silks. Recycled materials are also used, right down to individual scraps of material. Their dyes are water-based, and go through various filtering systems before entering the sewage system, Psylo’s full spectrum of clothing offers a fresh take on urban wear.thus minimizing both wastage and pollution. They use organic and natural materials whenever and wherever they can. For example, they use 100% organic cotton or organic cotton mixed with bamboo. You’ll also still find that polyester and spandex are used for elasticity and strength.


The company hasn’t gone for large scale industrial production, along with all the waste that goes with bulk garment making, even if that would entail making heftier profits. Both design and production are kept on a more idealistic footing, with the idea of sustainability figuring even in the manufacture of accessories. Take the example of some of Psylo’s belts. They appear to be made out of leather, but take a closer look and you’ll see that they’re actually rubber. And not even new rubber, but motorbike tyres that have been upcycled then given a special new finish.


Psylo and its clothing are a by-product of travels. Owner-manager Joel Nagar says that he and his friends travelled everywhere, from the Amazon, to India and then all over Asia. They were inspired by what they saw, and instead of merely keeping it all on film, like most of us would, they flipped it around and turned it into clothing. They became very committed to keeping to themes that were inspired by those nomadic days.


The brand is becoming ever more popular, and Psylo has blossomed since its early days, helped by its helpful and informative website (you can of course make purchases through it, should you not be able to get to the store itself).


With each garment individually hand-made and hand-printed, Psylo represents not just great quality but great value for money. And just because this is a cutting edge brand, it certainly doesn’t mean pretentious prices; Psylo is surprisingly affordable. With all the feel and quality of expert craftsmanship, and creative clothing, it’s not surprising that people are making a beeline for this earthy yet urban store.


 Dimitri Waring


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