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Urban clothing is always in vogue. Psylo’s two stores in Chaweng showcase fashion that has world-wide appeal.

Urban clothing is always in vogue. Psylo’s two stores in Chaweng showcase fashion that has world-wide appeal.Creativity in fashion may abound, but some designs are so original, you may wonder who on earth would buy them, while others are so gossamer light that they seem ready to fall apart if you just look at them. Then the ones which are designed to last are often stunningly ugly. For aesthetically pleasing design that’s functional, it’s hard to find a meld of adventurousness and creativity that ticks all the boxes.


Psylo manages to do so; it’s a growing brand that has always dared to try out new approaches, and has the guts to create clothing that has emotional appeal; people feel drawn to the label and better still, feel good when wearing these clothes.


Psylo came about more or less by chance. It didn’t emerge from some hyper cool atelier, but was a spin-off of travel, and thousands of miles of dusty roads. The brand sprang out of the years of travels that the founders of Psylo, Ami and Dan, engaged in; they explored as many places they could, from South America to India and then further to East Asia. They realized that it wasn’t just travel that drew them together, but fashion inspired by being on-the-go. They not only liked the rugged nomadic looks of certain textiles and designs that caught their attention, but they were inspired by how local cultures factored in art and creativity into clothing. The Psylo design team drew their references from the wilder areas they travelled through, such as the Amazon, as well as the cities, big and small, that punctuated their journeys. Gradually the ‘Ethno Punk’ style emerged, and they went with it until it became a brand.


They didn’t want the sameness and wastefulness of industrial production, and neither did they want all the wasteful industrial processes, plastics and doubtful textiles. They wanted something that would be kinder to the environment. Wherever possible, they use organic and natural materials, and eschew the artificial in all its myriad forms.Urban clothing is always in vogue. Psylo’s two stores in Chaweng showcase fashion that has world-wide appeal. Or they’ll use products that exist already and which are directly recycled. For example, in a rack of what looks like leather accessories, you’ll find belts that you have to look hard at before you realise that they’re not leather but rubber. Made from motorbike tyres, they’re given a very sophisticated hand-made finish. And no, you can’t see any tread marks; it’s all expertly done.


The factory where the clothes are mostly made is in Bali. It is owned by Psylo itself, and run by Balinese staff. Psylo is therefore directly responsible for the production and the people who work there. Fair working conditions are maintained, and Psylo isn’t part of the abusive systems that the garment industry is so often guilty of fostering and maintaining. Check out the videos that are playing in the stores and you’ll see that amongst the fashion clips there’s also footage showing the factory. You’ll see that there’s a totally professional, yet family-like atmosphere that underpins the enterprise.


Psylo presents an entire spectrum of clothing and also stocks many accessories such as belts, bags, wristbands and even footwear – there’s a select offering of shoes and boots. It’s a repertoire that’s been curated to form an appealing ensemble.


Whether you’re a teenager, an adult or a child, the clothes seem to suit any age range, and you’ll see a very mixed clientele trying them on in the stores. The colours, which are often earth hues and come straight out of nature, are popular with just about everyone. Many reference myths that underpin their place of origin,Urban clothing is always in vogue. Psylo’s two stores in Chaweng showcase fashion that has world-wide appeal. so you might find a t-shirt, for example, that’s decorated with enigmatic, smoky script from some longgone era, or a stencilled motif of a fabled being. Interesting? Definitely. There’s nothing quite like this clothing anywhere else, and Psylo has many devoted followers.


The Psylo team are forever on the look-out for what’s new or simply different. From uneven cuts and textures, to unusual items such as leg warmers and neck warmers, the latter looking like quirky scarves, but entirely comfortable – and great for when you’re sitting for hours in a chilly airplane or cinema.


Psylo has stores in London, Bali and Mexico. The two stores on Samui, meanwhile, are within a few minutes walking distance of each other. The first is on Chaweng Beach Road, just a couple of hundred metres north of Central Festival, while the other is in Central Festival itself, on the ground floor. Both open daily at 11:00 am and close at 11:00 pm (Chaweng Beach Road store) and 11:30 pm (Central Festival), daily. But no matter if you can’t get to visit, Psylo’s excellent and informative website allows you to browse and buy on-line.


With its timeless, ageless appeal, top quality finishes and robust fabrics and urban fashion, Psylo has been going from strength and strength, and that trend is set to continue. The line of clothing and accessories that they’ve put together is certainly eye-catching, and customers can look forward to new surprises being added all the time.





 Dimitri Waring


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