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Shopping for Samui’s exotic products.

Shopping for Samui’s exotic products.

Want to take home some souvenirs? Of course you do! But will the folks at home appreciate them? That’s the big question – souvenirs always have a bit of a tacky association. And that in turn makes it doubly hard to buy something that people will like having around. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a brief guide to shopping for some un-souvenir type souvenirs, all of which will surprise, intrigue or delight those that receive them.


These are high quality and typically Thai products and souvenirs that are to be found on Samui and be purchased at local prices – just because you’re shopping for gifts shouldn’t mean you have to pay inflated prices.


Seashells and Pearl Jewellery

Shell World in Big Buddha features a beautiful range of top quality fresh and salt water pearl jewellery, and a large variety of seashells. Many of the shells have been made into ornaments and gift items, and you’ll see rings, bracelets, brooches and photo frames on display.

If you’re interested in pearls you’ll find printed information in the store about how they came into being, and how to assess their value through their size, shape, colour, quality and lustre. The pearl jewellery and other items are attractively priced, and two or three times cheaper than some other outlets.

If you’re visiting Big Buddha it’s definitely worthwhile dropping into Shell World. Just keep to the right as you come off the causeway, and you’ll see the store. For further information, call 0 7723 0068 (Thai/English)


Exotic Leather

The exotic leather industry in Thailand is thriving. Although quality leather is usually cowhide, Thailand is famous for its crocodile, ostrich, stingray and lizard leather, as well as its fashion goods made from snake skin. These goods were previously mostly exported, and could only be found in the up market boutiques of Singapore, New York, Moscow or Zurich. Now these top quality goods can be purchased at source at just a fraction of the price which you would pay elsewhere.

Top quality products at reasonable prices can be found in Samui’s Snake and Leather World. There’s a snake show, and an impressive store featuring a wide variety of exotic leather items, such as handbags, briefcases, wallets, belts, passport holders and key chains.

The shop also features other exotic products including Thailand’s famous royal jelly, bee pollen and delicious coconut honey chocolates, as well as canned edible insects which you can bring home to surprise your friends. In addition you’ll find many exotic natural health remedies, including licensed snake and crocodile capsules (licenced by Thailand’s food and drug regulatory body) as well as high grade birds’ nests.

All health information is given in English, Russian and Chinese. The store has no sign but if you’re heading from Chaweng, it’s next to the Muay Thai boxing school just before you come to Choeng Mon. For directions or a free pick-up call 0 950 373 997 (Thai/English) or 0 833 896 471 (Russian/English).


Spa, Beauty and Wellness Products

A holiday on Samui usually includes indulging at one of the many spas which offer great value for money. Thailand also has a leading position worldwide in exclusive spa and beauty products. One of the country’s top brands has its origins in Samui and is simply called ‘Samui’s’. Samui’s boutique stores can be found around Thailand, and on Samui they are located in the Lamai Plaza and at Big Buddha. A large Samui’s outlet, called the Samui’s Village, is located in Choeng Mon, 100 meters from the Imperial Boat House hotel as you head towards Chaweng. You’ll easily see it as it features a large golden tea pot at its entrance.

The unique beauty collection at Samui’s Village mainly focusses on quality skin care with pearl and gold ingredients. There is also a wide variety of spa and aroma products which are made with natural, pure and fresh ingredients that are relaxing and pleasing to the senses. Increasingly popular are the naturalThai health supplements and other remedies. The most popular of all is ginseng, which is used to treat various health conditions, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and blood pressure problems, as well as to promote general well-being and vitality. According to the shop’s manager, Khun Oar, visitors are becoming more aware and are looking for new ways to improve their health, and are therefore turning to natural remedies rather than pharmaceutical drugs.

The shop also stocks the most exclusive coffees in the world, Black Ivory and Wild Kopi Luwak. These coffee beans famously pass through the gastrointestinal tract of an elephant or civet cat, which takes away the bitterness before roasting, thus creating perfect bliss for coffee lovers.

Samui’s Village in Choeng Mon also features over 60 organic teas, and guests are invited to participate in a free tea ceremony and enjoy the delicious flavours of Thailand. For directions or transportation guests can call 0 806 919 405 (Thai/English) or 0 888 246 979 (Russian/ English).

When it’s time to buy souvenirs, you’ll find it’s a pleasant experience, and certainly a very exotic one, if you pay a visit to the places we’ve mentioned. And you’ll also find that exotic doesn’t mean expensive. And you can be absolutely sure that if you’re making gifts of these souvenirs that they will be greatly appreciated.


 Dimitri Waring


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