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EasyKart and EasyFly Samui offer thrilling alternatives to the usual holiday activities.

EasyKart and EasyFly Samui offer thrilling alternatives to the usual holiday activities.For a great time out, Samui has lots on offer, and there’s never a shortage of activities. If you’re looking for something that’s sure to be extra fun and will become a vivid memory, then try EasyKart and EasyFly. You can opt for one or other of these two activities, though many visitors go for both.


The folks at EasyKart have built a full stadium that overlooks two separate go-kart circuits. Just to watch the karts whizzing round is fun; but to be in one as the driver is no less than exhilarating. This scaled-down version of motor racing is fast, furious and the most amazing rush. Go-karting is an activity that’s suitable for all ages. The only requirement is that you must be at least 110 centimetres in height. Both the circuits have plenty of variety, and you’ll need to pit your wits against the layout, getting your speed and timing right as you whiz along.


If you’re new to go-karting, then you may want to opt for the first of the circuits, which is for beginners and children, and is 350 metres in length. Smaller, less powerful go-karts are used, though it’ll still be an adrenalin rush. Then there’s an 800 metre circuit for more advanced drivers, using go-karts that are a lot more powerful – 270cc with speeds up to 70km/h.


The team here can also provide basic training, but whether you’re old or young, beginner or advanced, you will need to exercise responsibility. Each circuit has attendants who watch the drivers with an eagle eye. If someone’s behaving dangerously they can slow the speed, stop the kart and even stop all karts altogether. You’ll find the track is very professionally maintained, EasyKart and EasyFly Samui offer thrilling alternatives to the usual holiday are all the vehicles. Rubber tyres line every bit of the tracks meaning that any impact is greatly lessened. The owner used to be a racing driver, which is why he decided to share his passion, first opening a circuit in Bangkok in 2004, then later one in Pattaya, before coming to Samui in 2014.


EasyKart is only one aspect of the fun here, however. EasyFly, housed towards the end of the stadium provides a very different way to spend time. Who hasn’t at some stage wanted to simply be able to fly through the air? It’s mankind’s oldest dream, and still for most of us, an impossibility – unless in a plane, of course – yet EasyFly makes it all a cinch.


It’s called Indoor Skydiving, and for this they use a kind of vertical wind tunnel that’s normally only found at aerodromes, and is traditionally used to train parachutists who are free-falling from planes. Here, however, you start from the ground, and the wind pushes you up, up, up. You’ll need to wear a special suit that helps keep you buoyant, and listen to a video presentation that explains how to proceed. The trainer is with you the whole time, and first holds you horizontal when the wind starts. Then you’ll lift off by yourself. He stays with you the whole time monitoring you. You can fly unsupported up to a height of five metres, and also hover in the air.EasyKart and EasyFly Samui offer thrilling alternatives to the usual holiday activities. You’re kept aloft by a wind speed of approximately 200 km/per hour. There are two skydive simulations, the equivalent of two jumps out of a plane at a height of 12,000 feet.


EasyFly is extremely popular, and has caught on as something unexpected do on Samui. For some, it’s an addictive experience, while for others it’ll be a first step to actually parachuting from a plane.


You’ll find EasyKart and EasyFly on the peninsula that juts into Chaweng Lake. They’re close by the Reggae Bar and are open daily from midday until 8:00 pm for check-ins on site. Staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring that you enjoy your time here, whether you’re flying round the go-kart circuit or flying in the air.


Once you’ve finished, you may realise that you’ve worked up quite an appetite or at least are thirsty. At the bar and restaurant overlooking the race tracks you can partake not just of drinks but a range of snacks such as French fries, chicken nuggets and Mexican chicken wings. The venue also caters for large and small gatherings and even corporate events. A powerful sound system makes it ideal to enjoy a party and combine it with racing round the go-kart circuits or flying.


EasyKart and EasyFly provide residents and holidaymakers with the maximum of fun, and offer a great alternative to the usual vacation activities.


Dimitri Waring


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